About Us - Mission Statement & Core Values

Our Mission

 Tesco Controls, Inc. experience and commitment ensures our customer's success.

Our Vision

 We are Excellence in Controls and Systems Integration, because we own it!

Tesco Core Values

  • We have the highest integrity and ethical standards.
  • Every employee owner is an available resource for fellow co-workers and customers.
  • Teamwork between employee-owners starts with communication, trust and mutual respect.
  • Mutual respect promotes teamwork between employees, customers, future customers, suppliers, partners and competitors.
  • Differences of opinion should be discussed constructively with passion and conviction.
  • We create employee-owners who think and act like business people, plus create business people who think and act like owners.
  • Customer First attitude begins with flexibility and responsiveness combined with options and solutions for our customers.
  • Our actions are intended to build relationships with customers and employees.
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