26-000 - Service Pedestal (Type III-AF)

26-000 001

Tescoflex low-profile underground service distribution and control pedestals have become the standard for state, county, municipal, highway and public works departments throughout the country.

Our Tescoflex pedestals are constructed of the highest grade of material using our standard 12 gauge hot dipped galvanized steel, optional stainless steel, or aluminum. Our coatings will withstand the most stringent testing applied to outdoor enclosures and meet or exceed state specifications. The wide range of options we can provide will allow for maximum utilization of your space.



  • Oven Baked Polyurethane Powder Coat Finish
  • Available in Aluminum, Stainless Steel & Hot Dipped Galvanized
  • Durable All Welded Construction
  • UL Approved Copper Cable Bussing & Control Wiring
  • Vandal-Proof Doors with Hasp Stress Rated to 2,000 lbs.
  • Factory Wired & Tested
  • 100 Amp Meter Socket
  • Test Bypass
  • Maximum 7 1" Poles (Includes Main Circuit Breaker)
  • Metered & Unmetered
  • Copper Interior
  • P.E. Socket
  • Lighting Contactors
  • Flashing Beacon Controls
  • Time Clocks
  • Time Delays
  • Transformers
  • Test Switches


Power Distribution Panel:

  • Main breakers shall be 1, 2, or 3 pole.
  • Provide separate metered main, lighting main & disconnects as required.
  • Cable in / cable out circuit breakers standard.
  • All circuit breakers are installed in a vertical position, handle up for on, handle down for off.
  • Circuit breakers are industrial grade, fully rated.
  • All bussing is UL approved copper cable bussing, fully rated.
  • Cable in / Cable out circuit breakers standard.
  • Panelboard interiors optional - consult factory.

Deadfront Safety Door:

  • Distribution and control panel has a hinged deadfront panel with 1/4 turn latch and knurled knobs.
  • Deadfront is hinged on the same side as the front door and opens a minimum of 120 degrees.

Control Compartment

  • All components will match existing components in use for maintenance of spare parts and known reliability.
  • The cabinet is completely pre-wired in the factory.
  • Wiring will be to NEMA IIB standards showing connections to external equipment.
  • All control wiring is 19 strand #12 or #14 AWG MTW.
  • All terminals are permanently labeled.

Nameplates & Drawings:

  • The function of all circuit breakers, switches and other components as required shall be identified by laminated engraved plastic nameplates fastened with minimum of two 1/4” #4-40 machine screws
  • Wiring schematics are via Computer Aided Drafting and include all external equipment and connections per NEMA IIB.
  • As built factory drawings are enclosed in clear plastic and held inside the outer door by welded hooks.
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